July 17, 2020

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A Call for Protest: It is time to take back our Ecclesia
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My Thoughts

Are you as tired as I am? I am tired of being branded racist by racists; weary of being called deplorable by deplorables; exhausted from having to tippy-toe around hypersensitive, self-indulgent, radicalized morons who accuse you of hate speech while they “peacefully” burn your house or business down in protest; drained by all the fearmongering over the dire consequences of coronavirus pushed by public health “experts” shouting, “The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!” all the while knowing they are lying through their pearly whites; utterly fatigued by all the ingrates, ignoramuses and imbeciles who hate this country yet refuse to leave for a “better” place (because there are none and they know it); beat by the lawless mob shouting “defund the police!” and dog-tired of the smug politicians, sitting behind their gated mansion walls protected by private security—paid by our tax dollars—doing nothing to quell the anarchy and chaos.

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