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To paraphrase Franklin Delano Roosevelt, yesterday is a day that may well live in tyranny for a long, long time. It is seldom that such tyranny is perpetrated on a free people, thank God for that; one must trust the injustice will soon pass from memory. There are questions never asked in need of answers never given. What once could never come has come to pass, seems never ending. Life goes on until it doesn’t, the flame of liberty slowly dying.

What is the point of indefinitely depriving ourselves of what makes life worth living so we can live in an anti-social dystopia? Why are we staying alive to sit at home and stare at the wall like shackled prisoners in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Old and young, from one to 102, we are suffering. Over months we have come to view family, friends, neighbors, and strangers with suspicion, like the plague we avoid any and all gestures of affection. God is banished, behind closed doors and stained-glass windows, few attend, why bother. Behind the masks the world is without a smile, even the eyes betray us. We are dying from social isolation, happiness is but an illusion, take the red, white, and blue pill and the pain will go away. We have been told to give up, shut up, and obey; affection and friendship no less than six feet away; large gatherings and family celebrations and companionships unpermitted.

These things are life itself. Life comes with risks. Some of them moderate, some of them severe, some of them limited. But sooner or later it’s going to be exceedingly obvious hiding in your house doesn’t solve it and masks don’t solve it, at one point or another, you have to assess your own level of risk and live the one life you get.[1]

Every country, every country that has mandated masks has done so at the lowest downward point in the infection curve. Every country that has mandated masks has seen the infection rate subsequently climb to record levels. The data is undeniable, yet it is denied. The facts are indisputable, yet they are disputed. Tom Woods of the Mises Institute has compiled a wealth of facts and data, along with a free eBook. I urge you to watch the short presentation (19 mins) which he entitled The Covid Cult.[2]

On Sunday, November 22, 2020, Governor Sisolak of the great state of Nevada, issued a three-week “pause” to “slow the spread,” the sudden spike in positive cases of COVID-19. Like all other pauses / lockdowns, this latest effort will fail, guaranteed. It is asinine, nonsensical, and absurd to believe the government, any government can control or eliminate this virus or any virus. Viruses do not play by the rules, viruses pay no attention to dictates, viruses are immune from legislation, laws, courts, fines, lockdowns, or masks. What will happen, no doubt, will be another futile attempt to stop the spread.

Never has the governor nor any public health officials defined what criteria must be met, what degree of risk is acceptable. When will they give up and allow the citizens to live their lives as they see fit? I fear the answers, but the answers are urgently needed. The governor owes us nothing less.

Wakeup America.

Just my thoughts for a Monday, for what it is worth.

[1] Tom Woods, “The COVID Cult,” Mises Institute Symposium, Angleton, Texas, November 7, 2020.

[2] Tom Woods, More information can be found at

About the author: Deacon Chuck

Deacon Chuck was ordained into the permanent diaconate on September 17, 2011, in the ministry of service to the Diocese of Reno and assigned to St. Albert the Great Catholic Community. He currently serves as the parish bulletin editor and website administrator. Deacon Chuck continues to serve the parish of Saint Albert the Great Catholic Community of the Diocese of Reno, Nevada. He is the Director of Adult Faith Formation and Homebound Ministries for the parish, conducts frequent adult faith formation workshops, and is a regular homilist. He currently serves as the bulletin editor for the parish bulletin. He writes a weekly column intended to encompass a broad landscape of thoughts and ideas on matters of theology, faith, morals, teachings of the magisterium and the Catholic Church; they are meant to illuminate, illustrate, and catechize the readers and now number more than 230 articles. His latest endeavor is "Colloqui: A journal for restless minds", a weekly journal of about 8 pages similar in content to bulletin reflections. All his reflections, homilies, commentaries, and Colloqui are posted and can be found on his website: Comments are always welcome and appreciated. He is the author of two books: "The Voices of God: hearing God in the silence" which offers the reader insights into how to hear God’s voice through all of the noise that surrounds us; and "Echoes of Love: Effervescent Memories" which through a combination of prose and verse provides the reader with a wonderful journey on the way to discovering forever love. He regularly speaks to groups of all ages and size and would welcome the opportunity to speak to your group.

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