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Arrived in Miami this morning, or I suppose to be accurate, the Miami airport. Accuracy matters, you know. Arrived at 7:00 am with a mere eleven hours to kill before leaving for Barcelona. There is only so much one can do in an airport, even one as modern and active as MIA. After having sat for six crowded hours in the most horrendous torture chamber ever contrived by man commonly called an airline seat, the last thing anyone has any desire to do is sit down on hard plastic. But that is what I found myself doing for a few minutes. Now that the Communist News Network has been replaced by the Nothing But Corruption fake news channel, it was interesting to see if there was a dime’s worth of difference. There wasn’t; not even a slug nickel’s worth to tell the truth.

A commercial ran which at first intrigued but soon disgusted me. Started off with head shots of different folks, with captions listing how we are all the same, good kumbaya stuff. Then, of a sudden, there were head shots of dogs, elephants, cobras, fish, all sorts of animals, interspersed with different people. Final tag line: “Inside everyone is a person.” Whaaaaat? Of course, the sponsor had to be PETA. Sorry, to paraphrase, “Personhood is for people,” not animals. It is what makes humans unique from the other creatures. I am not against animals, after all they were created by God; God created man in his image and gave him dominion over all the other creatures. There are two ways of looking at this. From PETA’s perspective, all living creatures are equal, each apparently has a “person” within, though how anyone can come to such a conclusion is frankly beyond me. The other way is to see all life as precious and good, but also made for a purpose. There are herbivores and carnivores among the animal kingdom; man is an omnivore. God made all his creatures that way, each for a purpose. The thing is either animals must be elevated to personhood or people must be worth no more than the lowliest of maggot. Of course, if you believe there is no God, then PETA’s perspective makes some sense, I suppose.

After that moment of emotional drivel, we went in search of a more comfortable place to wile away the hours. First looked at nearby hotels which would be willing to give us a room for the day but that quickly fizzled. No one was in the remotest interested. Finally, went to the American Airlines Ambassador’s Club. They were more than happy to let us spend the day there—for more than a few shekels. Money well spent. Free comfortable seats, free wifi, free food, free drink, even free lounges to catch a quick wink. You would think it was Bernie bro land with all that free stuff. Easy to forget we paid for it all so they could call it free, free, free, free, and free. Sounds a lot like Socialism to me. Not that I’m knocking the comforts we paid for, just don’t want to call them free. Sure would appreciate it if others could see the truth of it all. There was, once upon a time, an economic acronym well-known: TANSTAAFL, pronounced tan-staf-el, stood for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.” Well worth reminding those Squad groupies and Bernie bros, who never heard of it why it is so darn important. You get what you pay for. And, you always, always, always have to pay, because TANSTAAFL.

So, now I am floating on air at 37,000 feet going 565 mph with 6.5 hours to get to Barcelona. Funny how far away all the world’s problems seem at this moment. Not a care in the world, well maybe a few, there is still that darn silly mask thing. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why in a hermetically sealed tube flying 37,000 feet up with an outside temperature of -57 degrees F and every single last person sealed in, snug tight and vaccinated every which way but sideways, even tested and verified free of every disease known to man, why? Please Lord, tell me why? So far he ain’t saying nothing.

Just my thoughts for a Sunday for what it is worth.

About the author: Deacon Chuck

Deacon Chuck was ordained into the permanent diaconate on September 17, 2011, in the ministry of service to the Diocese of Reno and assigned to St. Albert the Great Catholic Community. He currently serves as the parish bulletin editor and website administrator. Deacon Chuck continues to serve the parish of Saint Albert the Great Catholic Community of the Diocese of Reno, Nevada. He is the Director of Adult Faith Formation and Homebound Ministries for the parish, conducts frequent adult faith formation workshops, and is a regular homilist. He currently serves as the bulletin editor for the parish bulletin. He writes a weekly column intended to encompass a broad landscape of thoughts and ideas on matters of theology, faith, morals, teachings of the magisterium and the Catholic Church; they are meant to illuminate, illustrate, and catechize the readers and now number more than 230 articles. His latest endeavor is "Colloqui: A journal for restless minds", a weekly journal of about 8 pages similar in content to bulletin reflections. All his reflections, homilies, commentaries, and Colloqui are posted and can be found on his website: Comments are always welcome and appreciated. He is the author of two books: "The Voices of God: hearing God in the silence" which offers the reader insights into how to hear God’s voice through all of the noise that surrounds us; and "Echoes of Love: Effervescent Memories" which through a combination of prose and verse provides the reader with a wonderful journey on the way to discovering forever love. He regularly speaks to groups of all ages and size and would welcome the opportunity to speak to your group.

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