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By every indication, that is if one is inclined to swallow the codswallop unfit to print but printed nonetheless, what has been occurring around the nation these past few months are “largely peaceful protests”: there simply is no there there, so please go on about your business and ignore the burnt out shell you once imagined had been your business. If you thought the world had suddenly turned upside down, well, you are seriously misinformed for everyone but you quite obviously knows the world has unmistakably turned inside out, which is to say, right side left and backwards.

The intentional ignorance of those who choose to ignore the pasty porridge set before them is remarkable if it were not so tragic. One Portlander acknowledged not a single day of riot and mayhem, knew nothing of the more than one-hundred days of anarchy and chaos which the citizens and businesses of that fair city had been forced to endure. Chesterton once observed “the modern man in revolt has become practically useless for all purposes of revolt. By rebelling against everything he has lost his right to rebel against anything.” Those “largely peaceful protesters” apparently have never read Chesterton, not that anyone, especially a professor of literature would expect them to read anything from a long-dead white colonialist from across the pond. One can almost see the humor in the plight of these rebels without a cause they can reasonably call their own.

Have you noticed: the loudest voices against “systemic” racial injustice, those condemning white privilege are predominantly privileged college-educated—more accurately ascribed as indoctrinated—white minions from suburban enclaves? Or the political class and their media lackeys laying everything they themselves are demonstrably guilty at the feet of those who are not of their party, cult or mindset? Everyone, themselves excluded, must be blamed for everything they themselves are guilty, vehemently denying all founded evidence to the contrary. It is enough to drive a peaceful protester mad should one but pause in the act of looting to consider it.     

The American elite is almost beyond redemption. … Moral relativism has set in so deeply that the gilded classes have become incapable of discerning right from wrong. Everything can be explained away, especially by journalists. Life is one great moral mush–sophistry washed down with Chardonnay. The ordinary citizens, thank goodness, still adhere to absolutes…. It is they who have saved the republic from creeping degradation while their ‘betters’ were derelict. ~ Charles Dickens (1812 – 1870)

Wake up America before it is too late.

Just my thoughts for a Thursday, for what it is worth.

About the author: Deacon Chuck

Deacon Chuck was ordained into the permanent diaconate on September 17, 2011, in the ministry of service to the Diocese of Reno and assigned to St. Albert the Great Catholic Community. He currently serves as the parish bulletin editor and website administrator. Deacon Chuck continues to serve the parish of Saint Albert the Great Catholic Community of the Diocese of Reno, Nevada. He is the Director of Adult Faith Formation and Homebound Ministries for the parish, conducts frequent adult faith formation workshops, and is a regular homilist. He currently serves as the bulletin editor for the parish bulletin. He writes a weekly column intended to encompass a broad landscape of thoughts and ideas on matters of theology, faith, morals, teachings of the magisterium and the Catholic Church; they are meant to illuminate, illustrate, and catechize the readers and now number more than 230 articles. His latest endeavor is "Colloqui: A journal for restless minds", a weekly journal of about 8 pages similar in content to bulletin reflections. All his reflections, homilies, commentaries, and Colloqui are posted and can be found on his website: Comments are always welcome and appreciated. He is the author of two books: "The Voices of God: hearing God in the silence" which offers the reader insights into how to hear God’s voice through all of the noise that surrounds us; and "Echoes of Love: Effervescent Memories" which through a combination of prose and verse provides the reader with a wonderful journey on the way to discovering forever love. He regularly speaks to groups of all ages and size and would welcome the opportunity to speak to your group.

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