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Not to beat an old plow horse to death, but what on God’s green earth is going on with these lunatics holding elected office? Heard tonight how Mayor Greg Fischer in Louisville, KY signed an Executive Order today declaring racism as a public health crisis in the city. He is not alone. Every day it seems Mad Polliwog Disease infects more politicians across this once great land. I suppose it was inevitable, given the approaching cessation of Trump Derangement Syndrome and the approaching distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine. What else is a liberal polliwog to do but go stark raving looney-toons.

In an excellent piece from the Mises Institute, How Socialist Dogma Replaces Real Science with “Settled Science”, Allen Gindler writes,

Over the past hundred years, evolutionary socialism has slowly but steadily taken root in the fabric of American society. This is especially noticeable in the economic sphere, because evolutionary socialism uses the mandatory redistribution of wealth as one of the methods to achieve its ultimate goal. The bloated state machine interferes with the economy, distorts market signals and economic relations between market agents, and chooses winners and losers in order to achieve an illusory and propagandistic goal of equality and justice.

However, one should not forget that evolutionary socialism simultaneously uses the collectivization of consciousness and the redistribution of wealth. Moreover, an analysis of the existing flavors of socialist movements, especially those that have been able to materialize in practice, shows that the subjugation of individualism by collective thinking is an even more effective path to building a socialist society than the redistribution of wealth. Totalitarianism is the end result of the collectivization of consciousness, characterized by the complete suppression of free will and thoughts, the subordination of everything and everyone to the volition of the state apparatus, and the rule of one ideology under the leadership of one party. Politics, culture, art, morality, ethics, and aesthetics have to be unquestioningly obeyed across the ideological line, and dissent is severely punished.

One of the consequences of the collectivization of consciousness is that science is restructured from an institution of free thought and the generation of ideas into a servant to the ideological dogmas of the ruling regime. Socialism is very concerned with ideological purity and like-mindedness; therefore, science is used as a means of collectivizing consciousness, and is itself subjected to oppression by the coercive state apparatus. The exceptional features of science under socialism are the emergence of openly pseudoscientific trends and the accusation of dissenting thoughts as unscientific and harmful to society. The most striking examples of the transformation of science into an ideologically dependent and suppressed institution were provided by the Communist regimes of the Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany.

What about science in the United States, mainly promoted by left-leaning academia? If one looks closely, it’s evident that evolutionary socialism has penetrated deeply into the educational and scientific fields. Only the lazy would not write about the American academy’s predominantly leftist orientation and the fact that the education system has turned into a machine of compulsory indoctrination in leftist ideas. However, I want to draw attention to another aspect of American science that clearly points to its socialization. As with the previously described totalitarian socialist regimes, American science has begun to be divided into what is ideologically correct and what requires public censure. For example, modern leftist political doctrine holds global warming to be one of the main threats to the existence of human civilization. Climatology and ecology have turned from objective sciences into undersigners of party science. Instead of scientific debate, doomsday advocates hysterically accuse political opponents of denying scientific facts and general ignorance.

One of the corollaries of the collectivization of consciousness in relation to science is the persecution of its separate branches and of scientists who do not fit into the dominant ideological paradigm. The arbitrary division of science and industries into politically correct ones and undesirable ones is the unmistakable trademark of society’s socialist transformation. As in all leftist regimes, including evolutionary socialism, the trend is apparent: the subordination of the individual to the collective is accompanied by the depletion of the intellectual potential of society and leads to decadence in science, education, culture, and morality.[1]

This is an excerpt from his full essay. Before anyone cries conspiracy theorist or pie in the sky conservative, it should be noted that the author, Allen Gindler, comes from the U.S.S.R. and knows from personal experience, having lived through it, what socialism aims to do everywhere it gains a foothold to power. Allen Gindler is a scholar from the former U.S.S.R., specializing in Political Economy, Econometrics, and Industrial Engineering. He taught Economic Cybernetics, Standard Data Systems, and Computer-Aided Work Design in the Khmelnytskyi National University, Ukraine.

Wake up America.

Just my thoughts for a Tuesday for what it is worth.

[1] How Socialist Dogma Replaces Real Science with “Settled Science” | Mises Wire,

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