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Look it up if you doubt me. Seriously, look it up even if you believe me for unlike so many these days, I will readily admit to making mistakes, though unintentional, often enough to keep me humble and honest. No one is perfect and yet Jesus said we must be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. That is a tall order, indeed, though one we must strive to achieve if we hope to see him face to face. So, fact check away, I sincerely hope you do.

In law, fraud is intentional deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, or to deprive a victim of a legal right. Fraud has been perpetrated upon the citizens of the great state of Nevada. We have been fraudulently disenfranchised, pure and simple; there are no two ways about it. Under the cloak of midnight, Governor “Sitzbath” Sisolak and his Democrat legislative cabal effectively tossed any future election integrity into the toilet with their (AB 4) 100-page fraudulent midnight end-run around Nevada’s voting laws. As former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt wrote:

There has been a long-standing, bipartisan recognition that mail-in voting dramatically increases the risk of voter fraud. A 2005 bipartisan report of the Commission on Federal Election Reform, chaired by Jimmy Carter and James Baker III, concluded, among other things, that “vote-buying schemes are far more difficult to detect when citizens vote by mail.”

Here are just a few of the most egregious, disenfranchising provisions found in AB 4 which radically overhaul Nevada’s elections thus encouraging widespread voter fraud:

  • It requires that all active voters receive a mail ballot, whether they’ve requested one or not. It provides that ballots received by election officials without a postmark for up to three days after Election Day be considered valid by default.

All active voters? That means anyone still on the voter rolls, never mind whether they are no longer living in Nevada, no longer at their last known address, or are no longer among the living. Ballots received without a postmark? How do you spell “fraud” or “ballot stuffing?” Ballots without a postmark considered valid by default even if received three days after the election? Can anyone not smell the stench?

  • It allows ballot harvesting on a broad scale, and for multiple ballots to be submitted in a single envelope with only a single signature required on the envelope, and no signature requirement for the enclosed individual ballots, leaving it to the discretion of election officials to decide whether the votes should count.

Oh yeah, no fraud here, just keep on moving, nothing to see here folks. Never mind the person behind the curtain. We can count on all election officials to be non-partisan, fair-minded, and perfectly apolitical, not to mention unbiased; you can trust them, honestly, you can, to make their decision. Never mind that it is your decision to make, not theirs. No signature requirement for enclosed individual ballots? Why? Perhaps the Shadow knows after all he knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men…and women. But wait! It gets worse.

  • It allows for an individual to sign a ballot on another’s behalf. And it allows for drop boxes for collecting ballots with no signature requirement—which is an even more dangerous form of ballot harvesting, which conventionally at least requires a signature.

Just how stupid does Sitzbath and his cabal cronies think we are? No need to answer that, but if you are as insulted and offended as I am, please say something! Tell Sitzbath where he can stick AB 4. This is beyond the pale, it is so brazen and so fraudulently criminal.

As Laxalt goes on to state, “Curiously, the same bill also provides for a huge expansion of in-person voting sites—indeed, the greatest number of sites in history for Clark County, the largest county in the state.” Curious because AB 4 was passed as a necessary safety precaution in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Curious as AB 4’s unprecedented expansion of mail-in voting and its provisions for “ballot harvesting” was specifically meant to replace in-person voting. Yet, AB 4’s “in-person voting site expansion completely undercuts the argument for such a huge increase in mail-in voting; namely, that in-person voting during the COVID-19 crisis creates an unacceptable health hazard.”

But consistency in responding to COVID-19 has never been Sisolak’s strong suit. While taking a heavy-handed approach to shutting down economic activity in some industries, and also implementing draconian limitations on church attendance, he has allowed for politically favored construction projects to move forward, for casinos to be packed with visitors, and for restaurants to stay busy, while also saying and doing nothing to stop the swell of protests that recently broke out across Nevada.

Yet, apparently, it’s so crucial for Nevadans to practice social distancing that we need a revolutionary expansion of mail-in voting? Which is it, Governor?

Given how fraught this bill is with problems, and how hypocritical they’re proving themselves to be on this issue, it’s no wonder Nevada’s Democrats—who control not only the governor’s office, but also both houses of the Legislature—never showed the contents of the bill to either the secretary of state or Republican lawmakers before moving it forward, nor did they allow members of the public to be present for the weekend midnight session.

All of this adds up to strong reason for Nevadans to be gravely concerned about the integrity of their vote this November.

Do you think? Fraud may not be a four-letter word but it sure stinks like one. Wake up Nevada! Wake up America!

Just my thoughts for a Wednesday, for what it is worth.

About the author: Deacon Chuck

Deacon Chuck was ordained into the permanent diaconate on September 17, 2011, in the ministry of service to the Diocese of Reno and assigned to St. Albert the Great Catholic Community. He currently serves as the parish bulletin editor and website administrator. Deacon Chuck continues to serve the parish of Saint Albert the Great Catholic Community of the Diocese of Reno, Nevada. He is the Director of Adult Faith Formation and Homebound Ministries for the parish, conducts frequent adult faith formation workshops, and is a regular homilist. He currently serves as the bulletin editor for the parish bulletin. He writes a weekly column intended to encompass a broad landscape of thoughts and ideas on matters of theology, faith, morals, teachings of the magisterium and the Catholic Church; they are meant to illuminate, illustrate, and catechize the readers and now number more than 230 articles. His latest endeavor is "Colloqui: A journal for restless minds", a weekly journal of about 8 pages similar in content to bulletin reflections. All his reflections, homilies, commentaries, and Colloqui are posted and can be found on his website: Comments are always welcome and appreciated. He is the author of two books: "The Voices of God: hearing God in the silence" which offers the reader insights into how to hear God’s voice through all of the noise that surrounds us; and "Echoes of Love: Effervescent Memories" which through a combination of prose and verse provides the reader with a wonderful journey on the way to discovering forever love. He regularly speaks to groups of all ages and size and would welcome the opportunity to speak to your group.

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